(B. 1957, Vietnam)

Bui Huu Graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts University. He has also studied lacquer painting since 1975, with lacquer artists at traditional lacquer workshops. He is a Member of the Vietnam Fine Art Association and has been a member of the International Association of Lacquer Painters since 1996.

Exhibitions & Collections Include - 1996: "Ceramic d'Art", Salon Natasa, Hanoi, Vietnam. "Lacquer International", Fijiita Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan. 1997: "The Sacred Season", exhibition with Nguyen Tu Nghiem at Notices Gallery, Singapore. ‘"Past - Present", Maison des Arts Europe Asie, Paris, France. 1998: "With Heart and Soul and Mind", New World Art Centre, New York, USA. 28/1-8/2/2002: Individual exhibition ”Recollection of the past “ at Apricot Gallery, 
Ho chi Minh city 2002: “Where the Rivers meet”, Group exhibition in the Vietnamese Cultural Festival Luxembourg, “Libre de Bruxelles” University Brussels, Belgium.2003 Group exhibition “The First Beijing international Art Biennale 2003” 2005: Bui Huu Hung, “Viet Nam Nostalgia” published by Galerie J.D. Armengaud, Paris & Red river Gallery HanoiPublic collections include: Eastern Fine Arts Museum or USSR, Singapore Art Museum, Museum of Sydney