Edward Beale


(B. 1951, England) Edward Beale studied at Camberwell School of Art & The Royal Academy. He lives & works in London. He paints the inner-city scene in Lambeth & along the Thames as well as rural landscapes, most recently in Kent & Somerset. He also makes portraits & life studies. Beale’s is a classic artistic story.  A South London boy, born within a spit of the Thames in 1950, the scion of dockers, boxers and pearly royalty, as a teenager he took full advantage of free art school tuition.  Soon it was the Royal Academy of Arts & early recognition of a great talent. “It was a cloudy, windy evening, the river was rough, nothing was still. When I’d finished, I found these accidental lumps of paint on the canvas which suggested the movement that was going on, the agitation that was all around.” Beale tackles with energy a wide range of themes, “at the root of what I do is a corporeal essence, the tangible, the organic.  The paintings are sort of fluid & they emerge from my gut - reaction.  I could never do what Francis Bacon did which was to paint from photographs or memory.  It wouldn’t feel authentic to me.  I have got to connect, be there, smell it, sense it, feel it”