Le Quy Tong

(B.1977 Hanoi, Vietnam) Born in Hanoi, Le Quy Tong graduated from oil painting department at Hanoi Fine Art University  where he  received his M.F.A in 2001. Le Quy Tong’s paintings have received great accolades from the art cognoscenti and the public. Tong sees the movement of  the people and things as part of the life and rhythm of Hanoi. In a city marked by its colourful palette of powerful reds, green leaves, brown roofs, and charming young girls in ao dais, Tong brings new emotion and mood to the city through his use of grey tones and limited colours. His senses of self portraits are a powerful evocation and study of  ”The Self” . The gestural brushstrokes and movement of the paint are alive and vibrant. The intensity of the portraits is enhanced by the artist’s ability to capture the mood and light upon his face.