Marie-Pierre Weinhold

Born in 1939 in Morlaix, Marie-Pierre Weinhold left France in 1961, and lived in Canada, the USA, Benelux, Germany, Spain, Venezuela, and Portugal. She studied with sculptor and painter Martins Correia for five years; "This meeting changed my life. No Fine Arts, no lessons, only reviews and some tips. I learned to cut, to slice, and to express myself by sculpture, a real outlet”

A sculpture is a presence, even a person. My work reflects the life of a woman who, first curled up, asserts herself more and more with her head held high. There is no message, only the sensitivity of a woman, "says Marie-Pierre Weinhold, who exhibits at the Boesch Museum.

"I mostly work with bronze, but also with composite resins that I paint in different bright colors," she says. These polychromes are the expression of my délirante period!

She lives and works in Saint Marc sur Mer in Loire Atlantique.