Love Hurts



Love Hurts


Screen print,

Artist Proof from edition of 16,

released only to VIP friends of the artist,

68 x 70 cm, includes Pest Control COA

Love Hurts is a highly coveted artist proof print that was only released to VIP friends of the artist and has never been made available to the public. The print shows a wayward and damaged heart-shaped balloon rising above a barbed wire fence. Love Hurts is layered in its meaning and opens up the floor to many interpretations and its unanswered questions showcase a more sophisticated side of the artist. Where does the damage on the balloon come from? Was it from a previous attempt to scale over the prickly barrier, or was it damaged on its own from something long before? Is the balloon stuck in the fence or will it succeed in its attempt to do what balloons inherently do by nature – rise above?

Love Hurts distils a complex scenario into a simple proverb: love can be a very painful experience, but a hopeful heart has the potential to be set free. The Image of the Love Hurts balloon has been used at various times in multiple formats. Spray-painted on the streets of New York in 2017, installed as a painting in Banksy’s Walled Off Hotel in Israel, and it is rumoured that Chris Martin owns the original Love Hurts canvas.

Love Hurts Banksy art for sale

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