Bui Huu Hung

Bui Huu (B. 1957, Vietnam) Graduated from Hanoi Fine Arts University. He has also studied lacquer painting since 1975, with lacquer artists at traditional lacquer workshops. He is a Member of the Vietnam Fine Art Association and has been a member of the International Association of Lacquer Painters since 1996.

Exhibitions & Collections Include:

1996: "Ceramic d'Art", Salon Natasa, Hanoi, Vietnam. "Lacquer International", Fijiita Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan.

1997: "The Sacred Season", exhibition with Nguyen Tu Nghiem at Notices Gallery, Singapore. ‘"Past - Present", Maison des Arts Europe Asie, Paris, France.

1998: "With Heart and Soul and Mind", New World Art Centre, New York, USA.

28/1-8/2/2002: Individual exhibition ”Recollection of the past “ at Apricot Gallery, 
Ho chi Minh city 2002: “Where the Rivers meet”, Group exhibition in the Vietnamese Cultural Festival Luxembourg, “Libre de Bruxelles” University Brussels, Belgium.

2003 Group exhibition “The First Beijing international Art Biennale 2003”

2005: Bui Huu Hung, “Viet Nam Nostalgia” published by Galerie J.D. Armengaud, Paris & Red river Gallery

Hanoi public collections include: Eastern Fine Arts Museum or USSR, Singapore Art Museum, Museum of Sydney