Cheung Xiangming

Born in 1975, Guangrao, Shandong, China. He graduated from Shandong Normal University art department 2003. His most recent exhibition has been presented at Xiangming “New star” young artists co-exhibition, Beijing, 2010; Art space in 798 artistic districts of Beijing, 2009; Shangrong Art Space of songzhuang “Ten feelers contemporary art exhibition”, 2008; Yanhuang Art Museum, Beijing 2007.

“Beijing Girl” series depicts urban life and the spirit of young women in contemporary Asian society. His work was featured at Summer Exhibition 2013, Royal Academy of Arts, London. Cheung embraces the culture and ethos of the cynical realist movement.

His stark portraits of Chinese women who are intimidatingly beautiful but subvertedly controversial, questioning and powerful. His paintings are imaginative and are carefully painted to explore the nature of beauty, how we idealise women in our modern society.

There is subtext that is clearly portrayed by the fixed gaze of the subject, a hidden message that at first seems almost provocative but within the tightly controlled space and strong, bold colours there is a more strident, confident and new revolution of the female form.

Cheung Xiangming worked very closely with Ling Jian, who is the master of cynical realism, their style of painting is similar in genre and technique, although  Cheung Xianming is not as established and universally well known, his work has the mark of a great artist, and he has become a very collectable emerging Chinese artist.