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Corporate Art Rental

01 Corporate art rental

Leasing Benefits

Establishing a corporate art collection not only provides a stimulating and creative workplace for employees, but can diversify investment, increase cultural involvement, and improve corporate image by becoming involved in and helping support the arts. Other benefits include:

  • Increase sales, goodwill and brand recognition. Corporate sponsorship of the arts and the development of a corporate art collection can be used to generate substantial and measurable business benefits. Through sponsorship and other collaborations, arts organizations can be valuable business partners, often bringing new clients and recognition.

  • Expanding the company’s network. Developing an art collection includes joining and supporting arts organizations that give access to exclusive networking circles. Museums and art organizations hold many events and benefits that allow networking with some of the most influential business people. These people have valuable resources and connections that can help expand your business network even further.

  • Enhance your business image. When thoughtfully curated, your art collection will reflect and strengthen your brand image, helping to create a complete image of who you are and what you do that will help sell your brand to your customers. An art collection should reflect your company image and values; a leading-edge technology firm may favour new creative and avant-garde art while others may choose a more traditional mix.

  • Strengthening company mission and values. A successful art collection can significantly improve the branding of a company – critical in today’s business environment. A corporate art collection reflects the company’s mission and values in exactly the same way as a website or printed materials. Additionally it contributes to the environmental experience of both employees and customers, improving productivity, morale and satisfaction. To be competitive, a successful business utilizes every potential opportunity to reinforce brand image and to create a creative and stimulating corporate environment.

  • Increasing company assets. An obvious benefit of a strong corporate art collection is that it is an ever-increasing asset. Companies who collect art are simultaneously giving back to the community by supporting artistic talent and vendors while at the same time acquiring valuable assets to diversify company investments and enhance the bottom line. Developing an art collection is one way to contribute to the bottom line whilst also enhancing the work environment.

  • Attention to detail. Business coach Dana Beth Ardi often takes CEOs to the Museum of Modern Art to learn lessons from assessing pieces of art. She encourages leaders to think more like curators, as they bring together individuals with different approaches to create interesting dynamics. As these business leaders think critically about works of arts their first impressions tend to change. Ultimately they learn that any given situation has a multitude of potential interpretations. Vetting and collecting art allows staff to appreciate the small details in people and projects. When you can appreciate how even the tiniest change can have a major impact you are more able to arrive at meaningful business decisions.

  • Diversify your cultural awareness. Each culture comes with its own ideas about life, work and art. When 
you collect art from across the globe, you become exposed to and learn from cultures far and wide. These lessons can be applied to your business, and new ideas can help improve and highlight the talents of your employees.

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Art Loan Services

  • We facilitate the on-loan collection of internationally acclaimed artists for a period of 12 months with a 6 month break clause. Art rental is a cost-effective alternative to purchase with a rental duration from 6 months to 36 months and you will always have a purchase option. Other benefits include the flexibility to change the art when it suits you. At the end of your lease, for redecoration or new fit-out you can change the art at your option.

  • The hanging and installation is executed by our professional team. Personal consultant from knowledgeable museum staff, with on-site assessment and recommendations for appropriate style, media and size of the artwork.

  • We provide cataloguing, captions and material related to the collection. Art education services, including artwork labels, artist biographies, documentation of the art, and an on-site introduction to the art for your staff.

  • Fees based on ten per cent per Annual of the total value. For a corporate, renting artwork is tax-deductible.

  • Once a company or collector decide to buy any of the works, the rental fee will be take off from the purchase amount.

  • Rent-to-buy option facilitates ownership of original art. Insurance: Renter pays for insurance.

  • The artwork can be swapped during agreed upon period of lease.

  • Bespoke Collections - one person from start to finish. They can even come to your home or office to better understand your spaces and preferences. Or, you can visit one of our facilities and they will show you the vast selection of work on offer. 

For more information, please contact 
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