Art Miami 2023 Tanya Baxter Contemporary

Art Miami 2023

5 – 10 December 2023

One Herald Plaza (NE 14th Street & Biscayne Bay), Miami, FL 33132

Stand 118

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Tanya Baxter Contemporary is excited to return to Art Miami 2023 for the gallery’s third participation in this prestigious international art fair, recognising the city of Miami's cultural diversity, global appeal, and prominence as a key global art destination.

For this edition, Tanya Baxter Contemporary will showcase an exceptional selection of works, ranging from iconic blue-chip artists, to established mid-career artists, as well as young, fresh emerging artists. This broad range is designed to appeal to the vibrant and diverse art market at Art Miami 2023, a fair which attracts serious collectors and art experts seeking to add noteworthy artworks to their collections.

Andy Warhol framed blue queen for SaleAndy Warhol - Queen Elizabeth II

Pop artist Andy Warhol (1928-1987), obsessed with celebrity, consumer culture and mechanical production, created some of the most iconic images of the 20th century. In 2022, Warhol’s iconic portrait of Marilyn Monroe sold for a record $195 million at Christie’s New York, becoming the most expensive piece of 20th century art ever sold.

At Art Miami 2023, Tanya Baxter proudly presents two works by Warhol: “Queen Elizabeth II” from the “Reigning Queens” series, 1985, and “Diamond Dust Shoe 257”, 1980. Queen Elizabeth II” of was originally created in 1985 as part of a portfolio of 16 screen prints in which Warhol also featured Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, and Queen Ntombi Twala of Swaziland. This portrait of the Queen details Warhol‘s playfulness with line and colour while also exhibiting his view on conventional portraiture.

david hockney prints pool terrace optDavid Hockney - My Terrace and Pool

Another record-breaking artist, David Hockney (b. 1937) is also featured in the exhibition. In 2018 Hockney achieved a world record price for a work by a living artist when his “Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)” sold for $90.3 million at Christie’s New York.

hockney pool maxe with paper optDavid Hockney - Paper Pools 

Two stunning pool works, “Paper Pools”, 1980 and “My Pool and Terrace”, 1983, will be exhibited by Tanya Baxter at Art Miami 2023, offer a mouth-waterin g opportunity for collectors, as well as Hockney’s portrait of “Celia”, 1984, a delicate original drawing in charcoal on paper celebrating the artist’s close friendship with famous designer Celia Birtwell that reflects her gentle femininity.

Bridget Riley (b. 1931) is an icon of Modern British art who first became known in the 1960s for her singular Op Art paintings, and who now in her 90s, continues to thrill audiences the world over with her highly original works. Riley’s paintings explore optical phenomena to evoke compelling, vibrant sensations of movement, colour and three-dimensionality. Exhibited at Art Miami 2023 is “Rose Rose 12”, 2011, is an outstanding original work in oil on linen.

bridget riley rose rose 12Bridget Riley - Rose Rose 12

Also presented are an outstanding gouache on paper, “Bright Green, Blue and Red Surrounded One Another, Study 4”, 1973, and a screen print, “New Day”, 1992.

bridget riley study fourBridget Riley - Bright Green, Blue and Red Surrounded One Another, Study 4

Among works by acclaimed mid-career artists to be featured are Zeng Chuanxing’s (b. 1974) exquisitely rendered realist paintings depicting young, beautiful minority girls and women who reflect both a return to classicism and a subtle, yet poignant commentary on the effects of the Cultural Revolution and the influence of Western society on modern day China. In his ‘Paper Bride’ series, Zeng comments on the fragility of marriage and female identity in contemporary Chinese culture.

chuanxing red paper bride framedZeng Chuanxing - Red Paper Bride 2023

Another highlight is a painting in oil on canvas, “Still Life with Pears” (1977) by William Scott (1913-1989) a British artist who was influenced by the work of both Georges Braque and Paul Klee. Characterized by flat areas of colour and descriptive lines, his paintings explore the various forms found in daily life. Scott was one of the leading British artists of his generation. During his lifetime, his work was exhibited widely, both at home and abroad, and continues to be to this day. His paintings can be found in public collections around the world.

William Scott Still Life Pears optWilliam Scott - Two Pears, 1977

Royal Academy trained artist Pip Todd Warmoth (b. 1962) is renowned for his highly atmospheric, classically executed landscapes by depict locations and people from his travels all over the world. They captivate the viewer with their meticulous attention to detail, delicate sensibility and exquisite evocation of llight.

Pip Todd Warmoth Halfway Line 2022 optPip Todd-Warmoth - David Beckham, Halfway Line 2022

A stunning example is “Ladakh Polo Match” which captures the excitement and energy of the sporting moment; as does his more recent “Halfway Line 2022”, an iconic and emotionally powerful image of the great David Beckham.

Tanya Baxter Contemporary is always looking to the future, nurturing young artists such as Rhed (b. 2000), who has recently unveiled his identity after four years of secrecy exhibiting at the gallery and at art fairs globally: he is none other than Rocco Ritchie.

Rhed Dora charcoal and chalk on canvas optRhed - Dora

In contrast with his early energetic, bold canvases reflecting his multi-cultural background, his current portraits show a greater depth of character and expression, influenced by School of London artists such as Frank Auerbach and Lucian Freud.

Vanessa Berlein Whirligig optVanessa Berlein - Sheets waiting to be creased

South African artist Vanessa Berlein (b.1968) works across a broad spectrum of subjects, from portraiture to landscape, abstraction to botanical study. In her most recent series, “Scribbled Stories”, she expresses the entries of her journals through a spontaneous intuitive outpouring of layered colour, script and mark making. The seemingly random marks suggest a purging of words, the colours an emotional response to the stories. Berlein is Influenced by the authenticity of expression she finds in the Abstract Expressionist movement, particularly in the work of Twombly, Kline and Pollock.

Paul Hughes The Moment the Memory optPaul Hughes - The Moment & the Memory

Paul Hughes (b. 1966) was born and raised in Dublin. In 2009 his first exhibition of abstract landscapes focusing on depicting light above and below horizons was held in Dublin to great acclaim, leading to his first solo show in London at Tanya Baxter Contemporary. Hughes has always had an obsession with light, particularly the beautiful chiaroscuro around Dublin Bay. The works invite viewers to dive headlong into the infinite spaces, or wherever the mind and imagination may take them. His “Bastard Blue” collection was recently exhibited at Sotheby’s Institute of Art, New York.

Eva Pleuhs Untitled III Eva Pleuhs – Polka Dots please

Further abstract works are by Eva Maria Pleuhs (b. 1963), a German-American artist based in Chicago. Eva’s art conveys the freedom to express and evoke emotions, as she incorporates different shapes and media, and combines them with multiple layers of vibrant colours. Her works act as a bridge between cultures, encouraging viewers to embrace diversity, and fostering a deeper understanding of the layers of human experience in a multicultural world.

Curatorial Aim

With this carefully chosen selection of artworks, Tanya Baxter Contemporary hopes to give an in-depth overview of the newest trends in the international art world. The global presentation of artists allows collectors and art enthusiasts to encounter and appreciate a broad spectrum of artistic styles and cultural influences, as well as a price range catering to both established and newer collectors just beginning their journey of artistic discovery.

tanya baxter Contemporary at ART MIAMI 2024

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