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George K

George K, a photographer, painter, sculptor and poet has been working in Chennai for the last few years. George K's works depict reality as seen by all. His style as a realist places him alongside the new generation of 'neo- realists' who have made a significant impact on the contemporary visual art scenario. He started his exploration into the world of visual arts with photography and has now moved on to other mediums. In his life-size, vividly coloured, super realistic fibreglass sculptures of these characters, he captures their life devoid of sentimentalism while also portraying the pathos of their existence.

Straddling the worlds of photorealist painting, collage art, street art, billboards and advertising, George K’s stunning works are all of the above and more, and create depth and emotion out of familiar impressions. Anyone who has visited India will recognize these scenes, and yet they are universal. George has successfully used the powerful and emotive vehicle of painting as a medium to convey what his discerning and philosophical eye and mind sees and interprets, always with the utmost compassion and respect for the subject.