Jesse Grylls is a contemporary painter based in London. His work is expressionistic based on the idea of using simple forms as vehicles for expression such as letters, words and primitive marks. Finding ways to convey moods and ideas through distorting these forms often with colour. His work can be brutalist by way of decisive and active mark making and colourful explosion. Yet they retain eye catching qualities and instant intrigue from the viewer through these instantly recognisable subtle forms and heaving layering. He has had three successful solo shows since 2020 where he has presented collections of work each further along his development of a personal style and voice as an abstract expressionist painter.

This collection of work contains large influence from asemic writing (for which the definition is “a hybrid art form that fuses text and image into a unity, and then sets it free to arbitrary subjective interpretations”). As well as music and poetry. There is a sense of flflow to the works, colourful arrangements of marks interact suggesting words and sentences but yet still retaining expressive imagery. The paintings leap off the page in melodic narrative all without ever suggesting much semantic content. The heavy layering of individual and often contrasting lines creates depth to the images without overloading the eye or becoming mirky/confused. Upon closer inspection the differentiation of textures within the works adds further separation between each collection of marks. Which allows the lines to dance and intertwine with each other. There is a joyous and childish nature to this collection, that is shown through the poetic flow of marks and somewhat melodic employment of colour and tonality.