Min Wae Aung (B.1960, Myanmar) studied very traditional art and his experience as a commercial graphic artist and a visit to the USA, in 1993, encouraged him to employ a more contemporary style.

He studied traditional landscape and portrait painting at the State School of Fine Art in Yangoon (Rangoon) and he has exhibited his work in the UK on various occasions, as well as at international art fairs like Tresors and Taipei Art Fair International. His works form part of private collections in the UK, USA, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan to name but few.

"While his present style of figure drawing is almost photographic, his composition is intentionally contrived. Monks and nuns are arranged in aesthetically pleasing compositions, always with a perfect sense of movement and energy in his works"

"The outlines of the brightly coloured, subtly shaded figures are clearly delineated in black, against a background often executed in a contrasting pointillist manner. this shimmering background seems to create an aura around the figures, which are thrown into greater focus, giving them an intense and luminous quality. they seem larger than life"