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Pip Todd Warmoth


Pip Todd Warmoth
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(B. 1962, England) Pip Todd Warmoth is an English painter born in Lincolnshire, based in London, trained by the Camberwell Schools and Royal Academy.

The explorer Benedict Allen remarks, “There’s a quality of stillness in Pip Todd Warmoth’s work that calms and yet energises, carrying you to faraway lands, and beyond - to the everyday hopes and fears of those he portrays."

“Todd Warmoth has a gift for evoking architecture, whether a modest village church or street building or the nobler panorama of a grand urban skyline of domes, pinnacles, finials and fluted columns - for is not architecture frozen music? Communism is also, I think, a pivotal theme in Pip’s work: the silent communion of shared destiny between two workers in a field, the tacit dialogue between man and his workplace, between man and earth - emblematic of the generosity of vision, the quiet sense of fellowship between Pip and his subjects” Terence Rodrigues, Art Historian & Writer