Wipoosana Supanakorn

Wipoosana Supanakorn, was born in 1975 in Bangkok, Thailand. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree at the King Mongkut Institute of Art Ladkrabang in 1998 and his Master Degree in San Francisco, United States.

Wipoosana depicts the cafĂ© society in Bangkok with a humorous and lively palette. There is a similarity to the Beaux Arts School of Paris, as many of their artists are influenced by this genre of painting. His movement is quick and vibrant; the surfaces of the paintings are textured and create a bold but unique style of figurative painting. You can see the influence of Picasso in his portraits, the geometric lines that are jagged but full of emotion, and expression.

His work stands alone insofar as the inspiration is very much from his immediate surroundings, and culture.